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Sunday, November 13, 2005

let there be electric light!

It's sunny out, but my is it breezy!

Tonight I'm looking into finishing up my daily on DBCS #11. Last night AFCS #1 was giving MAL AM1 TRNS CLK errors and I was glad that I just came back from training!

Set a what could be a couple of personal records. First I changed the bulbs in my reading lamp, and drawing table lamp, and even my drawing table lamp. Imagine all those bulbs burning out at once! I almost feel like a regular ol' Jeff Lynne with all that restored Electric Light. Also got my G5 Mac, my G3 Mac and my P4 Wintel all networking together for the first time.

I'm keeping the old G3 around to run the Microtek 6400XL scanner until I ferret out the software and hardware to run it on my new G5. That G3 was probably the best computer that I ever owned.

Made another start on scanning in Tube Punk today. It's planned as a chronological collection of Captain Saucer, Fanboy, InterStellar OverDrive, and a long list of related projects. I've made a couple of false starts before on this just because the project is so big, covering countless pages over 25 plus years.

Anyway, One of the old finds is this 1987 drawing of Hercula, the prototype for Wingding. She's a character from an aborted project. Plus my clunky style from back then.


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