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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

bungling burglars

I'm up at the farm today making an attempted early start on making few false starts and dead ends on a few projects.

Also had some unknown thief enter mom's garage, steal one of my '50s Cadillac Eldorado Sabre mags and ignore the other wheel in there to steal my really valuable 40 gallon plastic tub.


For nonsensical thievery in my past I've had somebody steal a VAX terminal out of storage in a granary. Some bonehead probably thought that he was getting a "free" computer and then took it home and wondered why he "cain't connect to that thar innynet."

Also had somebody break into my house in Soldier and steal my forks, leaving the knives, spoons, TV, VCR, computers, etc....

The fourth and last excerpt posted from the middle '90s InterStellar OverDrive #2.


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