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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

feel the buzz

My tubby tabby got it into his fat little head the notion that the spinning blade tips of an electric fan might be really tasty. So he's been trying to nibble on them despite getting his little pussy nose buzzed over and over again.

Scanned in some Ameriman and "Berk & Bast" art this morning. Scanning "The Big Project", a premature 1983 attempt at a Captain Saucer indie comic, is up next.

Well, the "10538 Overture" is nearly good as done. "As pretty as a Prog gatefold." Except that the lion-girl didn't come out as photo-realistic as I would have hoped. Despite being a lion-girl.

Nudge her head a little to the right? Might delete the quewies for less aerial clutter.

So how many things do you see that don't belong together?

I'm still tempted to rename this "Venus and Mars Reprise" if I redraw
anything before coloring this.

Names that didn't make it:
"South Central Midnight Lady"
"Catgirl in the Sand" (pun on Neil Young)
"Cinnamon Girl"
"Miracles Out of Nowhere" (but I don't see any miracles!)
"Afternoon Delight" (there's kitsch that even I won't touch!)

BTW, over that hill lays madness. Or Castana. I lost track of which.


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